About Artist

I am an Art Teacher at Anandwan, which was set up by Baba Amte. I teach art in the Deaf-Mute school within the Anandwan campus and I also give art inputs and guidance to students and also for artisans at the art-shoppe in the Anandwan campus. I am well-known for my grain-rangolis and I am often invited for cultural festivals to make theme-based grain-rangolis.



Award & Recognition

    I was awarded a trophy by Shri Nitin Gadkari for being the "Ideal Art Teacher" at the Sahitya Sammelan held in January 2018 at Wani.
    I hold two records in the Golden Book of World Records:
    1. The World Record of brushing ‘largest number of paintings with own blood’; Seventy Two (72) paintings of freedom fighters and eminent personalities of India with my own blood. Average size of paintings is 12×15 inch.
    2. The World Record of creating ‘largest Rangoli by an individual’; the size of Rangoli was 9290.64 sq. meters (100004.4 Sq. Ft.) at the police parade headquarter, Chandrapur. Rangoli titled ‘great temple of humanity’ took 70 Hrs. and 45 Min. to complete.