About Artist

Painting is one of the most creative professions as it gives immense avenues to demonstrate creative abilities. I am a painter by my passion, I have developed hand made paintings on canvas using acrylic/ oil paints. I have created and successfully sold more than 25 paintings before posting on Gallerist. In my art works I try to ensure that they add a positive energy, to the walls they occupy. My objective is to make my hand made paintings reach to the right owners who can treasure them forever. I believe that if you choose my paintings it will help me to create more of them thus motivating me as well as spreading the positivity it can bring in your life. Thank you for your time in selecting my art works. Wish to see again and again.


    Postgraduate, MBA


    Participated with my art works in college and locality exhibitions.

Award & Recognition

    Won college/ locality based on the spot contests.