About Artist

I am Payal Prakash from Chennai, India. Born in 1980, Mumbai, Maharashtra; with a passion and talent of creating fine art for my emotional enjoyment and intellectual hunger. My art gives me confidence and a sense of pride, making me feel at peace and mindfulness. During my school days, I loved visiting art galleries and museums, exploring every detail, and standing for hours. My father noticed my intensive love for art and encouraged to keep painting. I had participated and won many awards for my school and university. But, as our conservative society says: a girl must be married at right age, I was married too, leaving all behind. Being engrossed in fulfilling my household responsibilities, I never gave up to embrace my passion. I finally started with commissioned work and went on to take workshops and art classes. As I gradually grew to explore more of myself through my creativity, am determined to find my place in the art world.


    • Commerce Graduate
    • Self taught Art.
    • Studied Web designing at Zed Career Academy


    · Solo exhibition at local art fair, (Mumbai).
    · Group exhibition at Ahmedabad ni gufa (Ahmedabad).
    · Online exhibition at Mindscape international exhibition.

    Upcoming exhibitions
    • Solo @ Jawahar Art gallery, Jaipur.
    • Solo @ Indian Art Fair, Mumbai.

Award & Recognition

    * All India Camel colour contest 1993 — secured first place
    * All India Camel contest 1994 — secured first place
    * Colour cum slogan by Lions club of India 1994 — Third place
    * West Bombay District Bharat Skill-o-rama 1993 — First place
    * West Bombay District Bharat Skill-o-rama 1994 — first place.