About Artist

MY journey as an artist begun few years back, when I started exploring my inner self. At that point of time, painting came as a gift in my life, I am a self taught Artist born in vibrant land of Rajsthan and brought up in kolkata, land of art and culture. Drawing and painting has always been my passion. Now my passion has become my profession. Art is something that brings serenity in my mind. Whatever I paint, is a just creation of my thoughts and imagination. All my paintings are reflection of my thinking pattern and all are in meditative state .Basically I paint in acrylic medium. My world of painting is full of life and colours. My artworks are reflection of my inner world. Through painting I get connect to my higher self that is GOD(love). I believe painting is, one of the best medium of self healing. Art as a therapy takes one from depression to wellness. Whenever I need peace, I paint Buddha, similarly for realizing true inner meaning of love, I paint Radha Krisna. In one of my art work I have shown..Krishna's love for Radha ,Rukmani and Meera and Gopies were always the same....never dependent on association.In other words God's love for all is the same...Only love is real...and LOVE IS GOD. If I feel low in power and to raise power within I paint Durga. Beside that I work for, it an e-magazine,I along with other people I make info graphics to spread awareness about meditation and its benefits.


    2. 2 year Diploma in fashion designing


    2017- Expression of ART by Jaipur Art Centre,Jaipur
    2017-Prayas ,Gurgoan
    2017 -Jaipur art centre,Jaipur
    2017-Jaipur art centre organized by Anjana
    2015-Academy of fine arts kolkata
    2015- Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata
    2014 – Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata
    2014-Gaganendra Art Gallery, Kolkata
    2013-Chemould Art Gallery, Kolkata
    2013-Academy of Fine arts kolkata

Award & Recognition

    Got Featured in women's magazine "STAR-TISTS" in march 2017.