About Artist

Nisha Agarwal is a highly imaginative and promising artist located in Surat, Gujarat. She has an artistic approach in whatever she does. She has a very wide range of artistic products that she creates by herself. She has got a very good reputation in local market for her Tanjore form of painting. Her USP is the detailing that she does in all her paintings, be it any size or range. She has professionally taken up art since last few years, prior to which she was working as an Electrical engineer in India’s largest private sector company. She has started her own company, Creativity Broadcast with an objective of fulfilling all the artistic needs of life. She believes that art work plays an important role in the décor of a space be it home, office, café, gardens, etc. She creates wide variety of products like Tanjore, Abstract art, Sketching on wood-canvas-paper, charcoal, personalized gift cards, and others.


    Bachelor of Engineering- Electrical


    Shringar Utsav, Agresan Bhavan, Surat- 2017
    Sangini Meela, Maheshwari Bhavan, Surat-2017
    Surat Airport Art Gallery- 2017
    Surat Airport Art Gallery-2018

Award & Recognition