About Artist

I am a professional delhi based artist. I have done from Kirori Mal college, Delhi university, MBA from BVP, delhi and diploma in fine arts from FAD international, Pune. I discovered my interest in art as a child. I used to participate in many art competitions and many art summer schools. After completing my MBA I started working with my father but with time i realised that I don’t like the normal 9-6 job. And hence I decided to go to Pune to pursue art. And since mid 2016 i have been into arts and working hard in setting up my business ODDball by Neha Mantry. ODDball means something unusual and eccentric. I have always been told that i am odd and different in many things that i do, also i don’t really abide with the “rules” the society has set as per it’s own convenience. And thus I, along with my oddities is trying to set my own rules.


    2 levels of acturial science
    Diploma in fine arts


    7 exhibitions till date.
    November 2018 upcoming

Award & Recognition