About Artist

I believe that art has power to make one see things from a different perspective. I may get inspired by visits to a new place, or simply walk in the woods on one fine morning or just a dream. Although spiritual art is my favourite subject, flora and fauna as well as landscapes also inspire me. My favourite is Buddha as is see in the person. I use various colours and merge them so as to convey that feeling. I keep my approach fresh, however i get inspired by existing place apart from my dreams, and as the painting evolves it has its own character, which is very powerful. I do try to capture the essence and the soul of the subject. My paintings are thoughts which the universe has manifested itself through my hand on the canvas to talk to your soul. I feel my paintings speak for themselves. If you are the one who can understand the language of painting, then go ahead.




    One at Siliguri

Award & Recognition

    Nil (Never applied for any)