About Artist

I cherish my roots to Chhattisgarh – where semi-arid jungles, native tribes, rural rustic Villages, industrial suburbs and small towns create a landscape full of colors, culture and life. I have spent most of my childhood in close proximity to wildernesses where I had a rare opportunity to experience the nature at its best. My childhood vacations were spent with my grandparents in their villages where the life is immersed in the colors of the rural culture, traditions and mythological symbolisms. This vivid canvas of life kindled my curiosity and drew me into exploration of various art and craft to capture it. I started experimenting with various abstractions while enjoying ethnic and folk painting inspired by the nature and culture of Chhattisgarh. Painting the abstract & semi abstract depiction of themes, colors and textures fascinate me the most. I am actively exploring the interplay of nature and influence of human settlement because this is the most critical issue that I’m confronted with all around me. My Medium and Style: I prefer working with acrylic on stretched canvass and Paper as the primary medium. I also experiment with mixed medium and water colors. Life is a flow. It flows thru time. It flows thru places and spaces. It flows thru emotions and experiences. Most important of all – it flows thru many other lives. Life has ups and downs which are inevitable. It has a natural flow of its own which is asymmetrical and indefinable to conform with. We cannot control everything that comes through our life but we can rejoice different moments if we go by the flow. My work reflects on this complex and vivid human experience utilizing abstract forms accentuated with figurative motifs.


    Nandini Verma
    (b 1974)

    MH Sc. Food & Nutrition, Pt. R. S. S. University, Raipur, CG

    Director, CSIT E


    Solo Show
    2015 - Galaxy Hotel & Spa, Gurgaon, 6th May

    2009 - Babylon Inn, Jail Road, Raipur, CG

    Group Shows (India)
    2016 – Dolna art Gallery,Jaipur art fair [7 to11 Dec ]
    2015 –, IAGF 2015 ,BY Meena Das Narsyan ,The Leela Palace Bangaluru.
    2015 –“Alchemy” Hyderabad ,state gallery of fine arts ,5th sep .
    2013 - SGFH Hydrerabad, AP, India
    2012 - Rainbow art gallery Hyderabad . AP, India
    2012 - Venkatappa art gallery, Bangalore, KT, India
    2012 - Artlabs Kala Samaavesha, Bangalore, KT, India
    2011 - Devlalikar Art Gallery, Indor, MP, India
    2011 - Palettes of Life, Park Premier ,Gurgaon, UP, India
    2010 - Latent Heat, Shridharni Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
    2010 - Pravesh”Cisfa art gallery 2 ,Nagpur, MH, India
    2010 - Indriya Pratyhara by the Mrigna Group at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi, India
    2010 - Prvesh” Lalit kala, Bhubhneshwar, OR, India
    2010 - Latent heat, Lalit kala, New Delhi, India
    2009 - Cultural department, Raipur, CG, India
    2009 - Swaraj Bhawan, Bhopal , MP, India
    2009 - Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, RJ, India
    2009 - Finesse Art Epicenter,Gurgaon, HR, India​
    2009 - Art Gallery, Cultural Department, Raipur, CG, India
    2008 - Saral Art Gallery, New Market, Bhopal 8, MP, India
    2008 - Visual Art Center , Ahmadabad, GJ, India
    2008 - Dr. Rajendra Prasad Park Art Gallery, Durg, CG, India

    Group Shows( International )
    2014 - Arterie Fine Art Gallery,Chicago
    2013 - Nehru-wangchuck cultural center Thimpu, Bhutan
    2012 - Artsaroma Barsana Dham,AustinTexas, USA april
    2011 - Nationalart gallery Indonesia 23 june1
    2009 - 9th Indian art exibition in Indonesia [by Indian artist network]
    2009 - Tokani art agency ,Fiji Island

Award & Recognition

    Awards and Recognitions

    2016 – Kalaa Spandan National art faestival’2016 classic Award,Nehru center ,Mumbai
    2016 – Chattisgarh state women Award for painting by Prafulla Danukar Art Foundetion Award.
    2015 - Flow of life,event published on Times of India(6th May,2015)
    2015 - of wilderness and abstractions,article published on Millennium post Gurgaon,India[6th may]
    2013 - Dharti Putra award
    2009 - Young Talent Award at State Level, CG
    2009 - Art of Harmony, article published on Times Of India (Oct 10, 2009)

    2013- India Art Festival, Nehru Center, Mumbai, MH
    2012-Camp by MGM Eye Hospital, Raipur,CG
    2012-UCG Conference at Govt. Girls College, Durg, CG
    2011-Tata steel, Art in Industry, Regional Art Camp, Raipur, CG