About Artist

Born in Kunnathur, (Tirupur District), Tamilnadu, India, drawing was a passion for me from my schooldays. Even while doing his B.A., I completed a course in drawing from a reputed school in Chennai through correspondence course. My professional life started as a lecturer in English in Tamil Nadu but after passing the Civil Services, I moved on to New Delhi to join the Ministry of Defence. My wife's diplomatic career enabled me to visit different countries and while living in Holland, I was deeply impressed by the Dutch school of painting and in 1997 attended the school Korenhuis, in The Hague. After completing the basic art course for a year where I had fun learning different mediums including charcoal, acrylic, oil and pastels, I selected watercolours as his favourite chosen medium and learnt it for a year. Since then I have been experimenting with and exploring my passion for watercolours and painting mostly landscapes. As I travelled to many countries, accompanying my wife on her diplomatic career, early paintings depicted beautiful landscapes and natural splendor of Holland, Zambia and Ukraine and later ones that of the U.K, Germany and Suriname. While living in the U.K, I had opportunities to participate in workshops conducted by famous watercolor masters like Francis Joe Dowden, Peter Woolley, David Curtis, Robert Brindley, Geoff Kersey, Tony Paul and Terry Harrison. I am eternally fascinated by the wonders of nature and its riotous display of colours starting with the cloudy skies, blue seas and rivers and sailing boats, green trees and flowers that dot the horizons. For almost two decades, I have dedicated myself to a passionate display of sensitive, subtle watercolour creations!


    BA Economics (Madras)
    MA English Literature (AGRA University)
    Phd Human Resources Management (Budapest University of Economic Sciences, Hungary)


    1. May 19-15, 2006 at the University of Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine (Group Exhibition)

    2. April-19, 2009 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London, UK “Watercolour Journeys” (Solo Exhibition)

    3. June 23-03 July 2010 at the Nehru Centre, London, UK “Magical Lands: Magical Landscapes” (Solo Exhibition)

    4. December 19, 2011-26 February, 2012 at Courtyard Marriot, Hamburg, Germany “Art without Borders” (Group Exhibition)

    5. August 08-11, 2014 at De Hall, Paramaribo, Suriname “Beyond Horizons” (Solo Exhibition)

    6. October22-24, 2015 at the Bharat Bhavan, Paramaribo, Suriname, “Open House” (Solo Exhibition)

    7. October 30-07 November, 2015, National Art Exhibition, Paramaribo, Suriname.’

    8. In December 2015 Publication of a Collector's Item Coffee Table Book entitled "MuruScape - The Splendour that is Suriname " on the occasion of 40 Years of Independence of Suriname.

    9. March 07-13, 2018 Solo exhibition "Vaaname Ellai" at Lalith Kala Akademy, Chennai, Tamilnadu.

    10. November 03-30, 2018 Solo exhibition “World Heritage-Window to the past” at Dakshinchitra, Muttukadu, East Coast Road, Chennai.

    11. May 17-27, 2019 Solo exhibition “Wandering Easel” at Alliance Francaise, 37, Rue Dumas, Pondicherry.

Award & Recognition