About Artist

Mona Sethi is a modern painter with a perspective like nobody else- untouched by the human cacophony. With a physically challenged life of having hearing impairment since birth, she has seen the world through a pristine lens of her own making. Without a single sound heard or a single word spoken, she portrays her understanding of this world through the volume of her art. Her creativity is a derivative of her experiences over the last 33 years. She is a self-taught artist who found the best company around watercolours and canvases. She loves to work on and specialises in contemporary, modern and deconstructive pieces that area a tidal wave of simulation for any art connoisseur Sethi realised her love for art at the young age of 19. And after more than three decades of learning through experience, she has metamorphosed her art into brilliant pieces of collectibles that are valued more than the price they carry. Capturing the essence of the uncontainable on a canvas, while being a spectator is a truly challenging and commendable task that Sethi does with great expertise. A resident of Surat, Gujarat Sethi truly believes that ‘The world is your canvas’. She is an innovative and hardworking artist who pushes herself to look outside of just working on a canvas. Dabbling in illustrations and art pieces that are religiously significant like traditional ‘Torans’ -she has an affinity to see beauty in everyday things.


    Post her success at these exhibitions she was driven to the noble profession of an educator- she took it upon herself to dedicate almost two decades to passing on her knowledge to the youth. She has completed her education till the 10th grade, after which she earned a diploma in Textile Designing from Ahimsa Women’s Polytechnic Bhavan, New Delhi.


    Sethi is set out to make her mark in the world as a deaf and dumb artist through her work and has already been making a difference in the last two decades.
    She has held two solo Exhibitions at the ”Heena Art gallery” in 2001 consisting of her artworks- that included- Paintings on Canvas, pencil sketches, and ‘Torans’- for which she was awarded ‘Artist Of The Year’ in 2001 by the Deaf Association of Surat.

Award & Recognition

    ‘Artist Of The Year’ in 2001 by the Deaf Association of Surat.
    Several publications have mentioned Sethi and her exceptional talent as an artist in bright light and praised her for her vision.
    During the pandemic, she realized that she could contribute more to the world of art and decided to return to her journey of rediscovering her style of painting all over again. She has decided she wants to share her vision with the world by publishing her artworks to the citizens of the global network.