About Artist

I love painting, It gives me freedom to express. Makes me happy. Besides I love traveling and exploring. About ArtistI have been painting since childhood but gave up my hobby due to my career as I completely engrossed myself in my job. But off late I realised that painting keeps my passion alive for everything. It reduces my stress and rejuvenates me. So after many years, I picked up canvas and colours in 2019 and have painted over 200 acrylic paintings in last few months. Most of my paintings are either surreal landscape paintings or religious paintings of Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha besides a few portraits. I have done acrylic pour paintings, African tribal women figurative paintings, Sufi sema dance paintings, love bird paintings which go very well in pairs or multi piece paintings. I have priced my paintings very reasonably as it is not my interest to earn money from this. I only want to keep my interest alive and pursue painting more rigorously. I use Camlin, Bianyo, Golden, Liquitex, Windsor & Newton brands for acrylic paintings and warning them to keep them safe. Most of my paintings are either on stretched canvas or in a dark black wooden frame. By exhibiting paintings here, I only wish to meet recurring expenses of my hobby until 2020. Any sales here would be an encouragement to paint more & not give up what I love the most. Some of my paintings are taken by friends and family members yet I have posted them only to show the variety of paintings I have made.


    Completed Engineering in Electronics in 2010
    And now I am a working professional



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