About Artist

When one looks at Rustum's work, rustic, raw, and potent might be the first words that come to mind. His portraits of men and women represent the dynamic Indian ethos rather than particular individual identities. A recurrent theme with the artist is that of the erotic, treated as an active and powerful aspect of male and female sexuality and existence. Rustum’s work is dramatic; his protagonists are raw and vivacious in their appeal, imbibed with energy that reverberates through his strokes and textures. Most of Rustum’s art is centered on the rural, recreating landscapes from his childhood as if they were frozen in time. In the artist’s later work, his figures turn softer, more introspective than brash in their outlook. Recently, the artist has worked on a series of lush landscapes in vivid colors reminiscent of his youth spent in rural Andhra Pradesh. Like most of the artist’s work, these are generally executed in a miniature format, in what is perhaps an attempt to create an intimate atmosphere in which the viewer can engage directly with his creations.


    Drawing Higher

    TTC (Distinction)

    B.F.A (Painting) D.M.S, Mysore
    M.V.A (Painting).D.M.S, Mysore



    2011 ICCR art Gallery, Hyderabad

    2008 Chitramai State art Gallery, Hyderabad

    2005 ICCR art Gallery, Hyderabad

    2004 Rustum art Gallery, Siddipet

    2003 Rustum art Gallery, Siddipet


    2011 ICCR art Gallery, Hyderabad

    2010 Rustum Art Gallery, Siddipet

    2009 Rustum Art Exhibition, Siddipet

    2008 Lepakshi Art Exhibition, State art Gallery, Hyderabad

    2007 All India art Exhibition, HAS

    2005 ICC Art Gallery, One men show

    2004 State Art Gallery, Madhpur, Hyderabad

    2003 AIFACS, New Delhi, RT Exhibition

    2002 Art Exhibition Kalabhavan, Siddipet

    2001 All India Art Exhibition, HAS

    2000 Orissa Cyclone benefit Art Exhibition, HAS, Hyderabad

    2000 Potti Sriramulu Telugu university Art Exhibition, Hyderabad

    1999 Avantika A group of Contemporary Art Exhibition, New Delhi

    1999 Konaseema Chitra kala Parishad, Art Exhibition Amalapuram

    1998 JNTU Art Exhibition, Hyderabad

    1996 All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad, Art Society

Award & Recognition

    Award & Recognition
    2007 State Best Drawing Master Award, CM. Govt of A.P

    2006 Best drawing master Islamia college of education, Siddipet
    2002 Seva Award Lalitha kalasamiti, Siddipet

    2001 Ugadi Puraskaram Golden Welfare Association, Siddipet
    1999 Best Drawing Master Award, Medak District, Collector, Govt of A.P

    1998 Konaseema Chitra kalaparishad, Amalapuram, A National Award

    1997 Avantika Indian Contemporary Award, New Delhi

    1997 AlFACS Highly commendable Certificate, HAS, Hyderabad