About Artist

Born in 1959 in Romania, Mimi Revencu's art is instinctive (married Nita). Her paintings tell stories inspired by every day experiences and moments, expressed through the language of her inner world. Their symbolism comes from a place within her and they are influenced by Eastern European mysteries, fairy tales and patterns. In telling her stories, she’s always searching for sincerity and for that raw emotion and joy we are all born with but tend to lose as we become adults. A mirabilis artist, Mimi’s art is positive and radiates only good energy. And if you look at each of the stories she tells on canvas, you’ll always find a secret, and perhaps that secret is the key to rediscovering something genuine and true about yourself.


    1983 - Graduate of the University “Al.I. Cuza ”Iasi
    2009-2011 - Workshop study with Master Petru Petrescu
    Member of the International Association of Visual Artists (IAVA)


    2011 - International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Arts, Gabrovo - Bulgaria.

    2011 - Exhibition Art Gallery Colorida-Lisbon-Portugal

    2011-2013 - Part of the Nomadic Project 'YOUnite Tour' America

    2012 - 1st place and 3rd place at the American Art Awards.

    2012 - International Naive Art Salon and Outsider Art by Dimisca:
    - Muzeul Satului - Bucharest
    - The Peasant Museum - Bucharest
    - National Library - Bucharest

    2013 - International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Arts, Gabrovo - Bulgaria

    2013 - Outsider International Salon Art by Dimisca:
    Galeria Hotel Central Piatra - Neamt

    2012-2013 - Part of the project 'Romania between tradition and modernity' organized
    by the Romanian Consulate in Lyon In collaboration with ICR Paris and Lyon II Arrondissement

    2013 - Group exhibitions: Bicaz, Piatra Neamt, Bacau, Bucharest

    Creative camps: 2013 Potoci (Neamt)
    2013 Vanatori (Neamt)

    2014- Group exhibition: Village Museum -Bucharest (International Outsider Art by Dimisca)
    2014-Appearance in Art Shop 278-Miami (USA)
    2014-Group Exhibition Galleries "DIMISCA" - Bucharest
    2014 Group Exhibition - St.-Amant-Roche-Savine (Puy de Dome) France

    2015- Group Exhibition Galleries "DIMISCA" - February 2015-Bucharest
    - Launching "MIRABILISM" - Galleries "DIMISCA" -TANDARICA Theater-Bucharest

    2015 - International Biennial of Humor and Satire in Arts, Gabrovo - Bulgaria

    2016 - - Outsider International Art Show by Dimisca:
    Galeria Hotel Central Piatra - Neamt
    2016 - Group Exhibition at the Olympic-Thessaloniki Festival - Romania invited by honor,
    Event organized with the support of the Embassy of Romania in Athens and the Romanian Consulate in Thessaloniki.
    2016- Rotterdam International Art Fair - Netherlands

    2017 August - Open Dimisca Gallery - Bucharest
    August-October 2017 - Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce Bucharest
    26th of September 2017- National Salon of Contemporary Folk Art - Dimisca Gallery Bucharest;

    2018- Group exhibition- Cluj Napoca
    2018- Group exhibition -Piata Spania Gallery- Bucharest
    2018- Group exhibition- Dimisca Gallery- Bucharest

    2019- Group exhibition -Art Connects 02- Basel - Switzerland

    Personal collection collections: Netherlands, USA, Romania, Italy, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Dubai.

    Paintings in museums: Museum of satire and humor Gabrovo - Bulgaria

Award & Recognition

    2012 - 1st place and 3rd place at the American Art Awards.
    -'Antithesis' - Ihe Magazine Of Literature And Art-Interview
    -Women In Art 278 Magazine
    -The Newspaper ' ADEVARUL'- Romania din basme la Lyon
    -Artinfonews - ' May The MIRABILIS Be With Us'