About Artist

I am a self-taught, mother of 27 yrs old, homemaker, turned artist. I have been selling art-works non-professionally solely through personal contacts. My paintings are mostly based on the experiences that I have gained in my life along with nature-inspired materials. I intend to spread positivity with my paintings. I also love to do lots of origami, clay work, gold on marble works and craft. When I am not painting or crafting, I like to read books. You can call me a voracious reader. I love to travel and explore new places. They always fill me up with new ideas to paint my canvas.


    I did an ATD in Fine Arts from JJ affiliated College in Dhule, Maharashtra.
    Post ATD, I have mostly relied on self-taught methods. I like modifying existing techniques in an attempt to innovate new ones. Off late, I have mostly been relying upon social media platforms for learning and am truly impressed by the young generation. I hope to keep myself at par with them.


    1) Acrylic on Canvas, Lalana Kala Mahotsav organised by Nivedita Pratishthan; Venue - Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune
    2) Cosmo Art Gallery Group Exhibition; Venue - Raja Verma Art Gallery, Pune
    3) Art Exhibition, Pune Festival; Venue - Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune

Award & Recognition

    Being at a non-professional level, I have received nothing but praises which I consider my awards. I hope to get recognition soon!