About Artist

Myself Manoj paswan an visual artist(painter) lives in Delhi.I use to paint all type of medium on different surface like paper,canvas. My works represent todays social & political scenario of our society and country.


    Bachelor of fine art from JMI,New Delhi,2005
    Master of fine art from JMI,New Delhi ,2007


    Solo show
     A SOLO exhibition "EMPTY DESIRES"organised in Triveni art gallery in TRIVENI KALA SANGAM, Mandi house from 3rd August to 12th august 2018.
     A show organised in Jehangir art gallery Mumbai by” ART TODAY GROUP” on 31st December 2019 to 6th January 2020
     Participate in an art fair WORLD ART DUBAI in world trade centre organized by The Gallery Two from 3rd april to 6th april 2019
     Participate in 91st Annual all india Art exhibition of AIFACS rafi mar from 11th to 26th december 2018
     Participate in a group exhibition of garhi studio working artist organised by Garhi Lalit kala academy on 24 november 2018
     A group exhibition AT THE TOP organized in LALIT KALA AKADEMY ON april 20017
     Participate ininernatinal / national artfestival named “KHAJURAHO ARTMART” from 20 February to 26 February 2015
     A group exhibition PITARA organized in LALIT KALA AKADEMY December 2013
     A group exhibition CONTRAST organized in LALIT KALA AKADEMY 7 April 2011
     A group exhibition LATENT HEAT organized in TRAVAN CORE GALLER on
     A Group Exhibition ‘MINT GREEN’ Curetted by Shaillin Smith in C.P. New Delhi September-2008.
     A group exhibition of 21 contemporary artist in EPI CENTER (APPERAL HOUSE) Gurgaon in Nov-2008
     A group Exhibition organized by ruby Saxena in THANE KALA BHAWAN in Mumbai, May - 2009
     A group shows "THREE DIGREE OF SEPARATION” at Bangalore curated by \Ms. Shailin Smith-2008.
     Camlin Art Foundation at Lucknow- 2008.
     Art Fair-Travancore Gallery, Delhi-2008.
     Group exhibition in Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda- 2007.
     79th All India Art Exhibition organized by Sahitya Kala Parishad-2007.
     Camilin Foundation in Chandigarh-2007.
     10th All India Art Exhibition by State Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow-2003-04.
     76th All India Art Exhibition by A.I.F.A.C.S, Delhi-2004.
     ‘Art for the Nation’ Painting exhibition by YMNA at A.I.F.A.C.S-2004.
     ‘Dhoomimal Annual Art Exhibition’ at Dhoomimal Art Gallery, Delhi- 2004, 2005 & 2006.
     Group Exhibition organized by Lokayata, Delhi.

     Participate in a camp organized by ART FOLIO and ITDC at Ashoka hotel, PATNA in May -2009.
     Participate in a camp organized by KALA RANG KALA SANG,Guwalior in oct-2008
     Private Camp in a Society at Gurgaon-2006.

Award & Recognition

    *Awarded 2nd prize from faculty of fine art of JMI,new delhi on kalam festival 2005.
    *awarded merit scholarship from faculty of fine art of JMI,New Delhi on 2003,2004,2005 & 2006