About Artist

I am an artist with interest in contemporary modern art with a fusion of traditional Indian art forms as well. I usually work with Acrylic on canvas but I also dabble with other mediums like watercolors, colour pencils, charcoal and mixed media as well. Even though my rendezvous with colours dates back to a few sporadic works back in school, my serious pursuit began with learning traditional warli art in 2006 in acrylic, which included experimenting the medium on various surfaces. The turning point in my artistic life was after a short course in Kerala Mural art in 2014. Kerala Mural,is very close to my heart, as it is an artform traditionally done on temple walls by learned artists from the state of Kerala, from where I belong to. As I started exploring the artforms from different states in India, it was wonderful to experience the rich cultural heritage of India. I have tried to explore my way into modern art and abstraction and of late my style of works have been a fusion of contemporary indian and abstraction. Art for me is a passion and therapeutic. It is what I feel looking at a pallette of colors and to be able to bring that feeling out onto my style of works on the canvas. I get the same joy when I work with a pallette of colors that a child gets with a new toy. It makes me curious to know how different materials work, how different colors react with each other to bring out the most beautiful outcomes. When I begin work, I do not know what the outcome will be. But it is not the end result but the joy and peace that comes as I play along with colours, together with the thrill and anticipation of the unknown which is the driving force for me.


    M Com(Banking and Finance)


    Physical Shows

    2018 - Colourful Conversations exhibition, W2W events, May 2018
    - Arabesque Exhibition, W2W Events, Al Ghurair Mall, Deira, Dubai, June 2018

    2019 - Beyond the Borders Group Art exhibition by ART4YOU Gallery, Cassells, Al Barsha, Dubai, February 2019
    - Colours of Love Exhibition by Art4You Gallery, held in Studio Seven Art Gallery, Business Bay, Dubai, May 2019
    - The World Art Dubai with Art4You Gallery, Dubai, April 2019
    -Seeking Serenity Group Art Exhibition, Ahmedia Art Gallery, Ahmedia Heritage Guest House, Dubai, November 2019

    2020 -No Corners Abstract Art Show, Ahmedia Art Gallery, Ahmedia Heritage Guest House, Dubai, January 2020

    -Abstract Exhibition, Art Smiley, Double Tree Hilton, February 2021
    -Peace and Love Group Art Exhibition, Art4You Gallery, Carlton Palace Hotel, Dubai, February 2021
    -World Art Dubai with Art Smiley, April 2021
    -67th Members Exhibition, Gallery 76, Dubai International Arts Centre, June 2021

    Virtual Exhibitions
    2020 -Heal the World- Covid 19, Art4You Gallery, April 2020
    -Ganesha Art Show, Art4You Gallery, August 2020
    -Save the Animals International Art Exhibition, Artoze Art Gallery, October 2020
    -Retro Revival, The Paintbrush Art Community, October 2020
    -Light Within Us Show, Artezaar Art Gallery, October 2020
    -One Thousand and One Nights show, with Art4You Gallery & VR Cambass Gallery, New York, October 2020
    -Celebrating Her Breast Cancer Awareness exhibition, Art4You Gallery ,October 2020
    -Festival of Colours, TheeArtistNetwork , November 2020
    -The Heartists Show, The Paintbrush Art Community, November 2020
    -A Little of This, A Little of that virtual show, Art4You Gallery, December 2020

    -Christmas Live Art, Art4You Gallery, January 2021
    -Artathon International Art Expo, Artathon Art Gallery, Chennai, India, January 2021
    -Legacy of Leadership event, Art4You Gallery, February 2021
    -Lovestory Show, The Paintbrush Art Community, February 2021
    -Brave Art Show, The Paintbrush Art Community, Dubai, March 2021
    -Restore Earth, Earth Day Virtual Art Exhibition, Dubai Municipality, April 2021
    -Vibgyor Strokes of Rainbows and Hues, Artreion Art Gallery, Pune, India, April 2021
    -Stay Strong India 2021 Awareness Campaign Art Show by Art4You Gallery, DubaiMay2021
    -On Thin Ice Art Show, The Paintbrush Art Community, Dubai, June2021
    -Unseen, Art of Still Life, Art4You Gallery, Dubai, July 2021

    -Srijan, Kalakunj Foundation, March 2022
    -Thoughts, International Online Art Exhibition, Bangiya Kala Kendra, May2022

Award & Recognition

    2021- Progressive Painter Award, Artathon International Art Expo, February 2021.

    -Top 10 selected artists for One Thousand and One Nights in the “First World Virtual Art Festival “ by Cambass Gallery, Cambass Cultural District, 6th Virtual Cultural District of New York, May 2021

    2022-Srijan Special Global Award,Srijan, 6th Online Art Exhibition and Competition, Kalakunj Foundation, March 2022

    Bangiya Kala Utkarsha Award, Thoughts International Online Art Exhibition, Bangiya Kalakendra, May 2022