About Artist

I am an artist, I was born on July 7, 1988 in the holy city of Rishikesh, At the age of 6, my interest started to grow in art, and I began to recognize it as a boon, At the age of 9 I chose this as my goal and I would be completely devoted to this beautiful world of colors. the most philanthropist and satisfying roll model ordained by the almighty. Started as a hobby I have experienced the playing with colours have smoothed my thoughts on my effort is a humble tribute to the almighty who is the master of architect that has painted the universe. I started reading some eminent artists and watching their works and styles. About 6 years, I worked hard to bring change in my work and style in closed room, keeping all my desires aside. And good results started coming, and I started setting myself up gradually in the art world, I think I have to learn a lot and have to bring my art to the people, my efforts are continuing, And I thank to God for giving me a precious wealth in the form of art. This is a strong window for me to express my feelings, sensations, inner music, devotion, spiritual expressions, theories, humanist ideas,revolutionary ideas, impossible and unlimited imagination, which I have found fortunately! M Y V IEW F OR M Y A RTWORK I believe that colours will play a lot of beautiful symphony in everyone's life. When I will do the meditation, my mind will fill with full of colours and see the whole universe is beautified with colours. The galaxies gives the smoky effect, having white, gray, and black in it. The flock of clouds soothes the eye, the brightness of sun flows down the positive energy to the whole universe and blesses with its natural ABSTRACT.. Nature is our best teacher. The huge mountains,thevrock,the Flint of rivers. These motivates me to play with colours with joy and do the Abstract on my canvas. It has been proved that colours are the strongest media, where one can be educated. That too particularly about Abstract, which fascinates me and the creativity of an artist comes out.​ All my creativity will be composed in an exotic manner and one can see the dancing of colours on my canvas joyfully.


    Bachelor of arts.
    Master of arts.
    Advance Diploma in drawing and painting.


     2015 - National Group Art Exhibition by Art Zone at M.S. Randhava Art Gallery,Ludhiana.
     2016 - New Delhi All India National Online Competitions, New Delhi.
     2016 - National Group Art Exhibition by Minerva Institute, Dehradun .
     2016 - National Group Art Exhibition "UDAAN”,at Jawahar Darda Art Gallery,Nagpur,
     2016 - International Group Art Exhibition “ ART FEST”at GANDHI Art Gallery New Delhi.
     2017 - National Group Art Exhibition “Sifar se Safar Tak”, Artizen Art Gallery- New Delhi.
     2017 - National Group Art Exhibition “Shakti”, Hudco Art Gallery- New Delhi.
     2018 - National Group Art Exhibition organised by RPR Art Gallery New Delhi.
     2018 - Solo show at Hotel Ganga Kinare , Rishikesh
     2018 - Participated in "Kala Spandan" Global International Art Fair at Nehru Centre Art
    Gallery , Worli – Mumbai.

Award & Recognition

    2016 – 1 st prize (cash prize) in All India National Online Competitions, New Delhi,
    organised by KALA AAKAR Group Foundation.
    2016 – “Artist of the show” award in group show "UDAAN”at Jawahar Darda Art
    Gallery,Nagpur, Maharashtra, organised by KALA AAKAR Group Foundation.
    2016 – “Gold Medal” in Art Fest International Art Exhibition, GANDHI Art Gallery- New
    Delhi. organised by KALA AAKAR Group and noor devine Foundation.
    2017 – “Kala Pratistha” award in group show “Sifar se Safar Tak” National Art
    Exhibition, Artizen Art Gallery- New Delhi, organised by KALA AAKAR Group
    2018 - Gold Medal in Kala Spandan Global International Art Fair at nehru centre art
    gallery , worli - mumbai, organised by indian art promoter.