About Artist

I am a professional artist , I have been a professional artist for 23 years.I have experience in organizing canvas painting workshops, for example in pushkar or ajmer . i do make any kind of art like modern art madhubani art abstract art portrait art pichwai art of india traditional art work and also wall painting work with many hotel and temple painting .i am very thankful to GALLERIST to find my self opportunity to be part of this .“I sat in that first oil painting class feeling numb with disbelief. A light had been switched on for me. It was very dramatic. I suddenly had discovered what I needed, what I had to do with my life. It was such an emotional experience and my painting continues to be.. I try to show the beauty and divinity of the Human Microcosm in the Macrocosm. A white canvas is the beginning of the journey. Much happens around, much happened inside. Swiftly growing and splashing out with the lava of the volcano .. Here the hand leads a line, concentration, momentum; and I am already dissolved in the creation of the new, and already out of time. The intrigue is that I never know what will happen at the end. Always improvisation. Intuitive painting on paper or canvas, translation of the past and the future, here and now through lines, colours and forms. I am free in what I do. I am a Master and I am a Learner.


    about education....
    2001 fine Arts, University of india
    2002 fine art diploma ajmer


    October 12-22: 2021 third International Contemporary Art Exhibition imago andria italy

    Our shop krishnam has a great collection of handmade paintings,Traditional Art & Home decor itmes and "pichhwai".

    We are specialize in Pichhwai.

    Which is 250 years old art Pichhwai's are devotional pictures found on cloth or paper which portray Lord krishna.

    They originated in the Deccan India and the villages of Aurangabad and Nathdwara in Rajasthan State..
    The purpose of Pichhwai's other then artistic appeal into varrate tales of krishna to the Illitrate.

    The word Pichhwai Stands for hanging at the back.

    Pichh means - Back

    and Wai means - Hanging..

    In Pichhwai we used Natural Handmade colors from stone pigments and also we use " Real gold "in pichhwai in form of gold foil and powder..

    It is a team work of so years and our 2 generations are making Pichhwai.

    It's not just a art and it's our way to show our devotion towards lord krishna.

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    Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Award & Recognition

    i got award on Ajmer i make 150 matter long and 80 matter height peacock painting on wall i put a photo of this thank you