About Artist

I'm an artist, poet, singer, and engineer. I strive for harmony between the mind and the heart in me and ask the same for this world. I have done a Master's in Science from Western University in Canada. I love to draw and paint, read and write poetry, sing, listen to music. I draw and paint in lots of different mediums. I have a heart for literature, and I have an equally keen mind for Engineering and Science. And the meeting of the mind and the heart is bound to happen. The day is near... I draw and paint in many mediums and am always ready to try something new.


    MESc - Western University
    BTech - NITK Surathkal
    Art - Self-taught


    Drawings and Paintings at Incident 2011 (Art festival at NITK)

Award & Recognition

    - Gold medal from the Creative Art Academy of India
    - Artwork selected for Artbox.Project Miami 2.0