About Artist

Some times a breathtaking landscape, an appealing expression, an awe-inspiring musical composition, an idea, a good deed or an incident captures my attention & holds my heart. Then it is magical, meditative & fulfilling to represent the feelings evoked in me on a canvas. Through this journey of recognizing the feeling, conceptualising it & then communicating it to the viewer, my depiction aquires a lot of depth.


    MSc(Environmental Sciences


    *Exhibited in
    Gallerie Pablo &
    *Konsult Art Gallery
    *2 group shows in Renaissance Art Gallery in Bengaluru
    *IIT Mumbai as a guest artist during their art festival in 2012
    *Art show conducted by Insoul foundation for charities in ADA Rangamandira
    *Exhibition in Bangalore Gayanasamaj Bengaluru
    International juried online art shows conducted by
    *LightSpace & Time Online Art Gallery

Award & Recognition

    Special recognition award by Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery.