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Mahesh giri is an abstract expressionist artist .He likes to paint with bright colors in their pure capacity .He works in various mediums like oil acrylic and photo color ink.he loves to create texture with palate knife and scraper.his paintings are direct reflections of human mind, behavior thoughts ,emotions . society and different shades of human life inspires him to paint. He strongly believes in rational thinking . He is in support of great artist Picassos's opinion about art that “Everything you can imagine is real.” He is artist from India. He had taken art lessons about fundamentals of art from his art teacher R.B Jadhav. There he learned in detail about various art cultures and movements and also understand skillful handling of mediums. In learning period he created replicas of artworks of indian old masters ans impressionist artists like Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh. He also gained knowledge from artbooks, YouTube and other online sites. Nearly two years ago he started working as an Impressionist artist. This was the turning point of his art carrier where he stopped working in realism and started to work as abstractionist artist. He paints abstraction of landscapes, cityscape and other aspects of human life. He Loves to read novels and poetry books. He has a deep interest in studying Sociology and philosophy.he also enjoys listening indian classical music in free time.


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