About Artist

I am Madurai Ganesh one of contemporary abstract painter from Tamilnadu, India. I am a self taught Artist. My informal education based on a traditional masters. ​Throughout my journey into painting, I have explored everything from non-representationalism through abstraction to high realism. The subject of my current paintings is usually people but I don’t try to show them realistically, I have used them simply as a subject matter, but very emotionally, loosely interpreting them to maintain visual interest . In other words, I look at the subject just as some marks in my paintings. Keeping the most of the canvas open and free is important to me – probably as an impact of the use of open in many oriental compositions on me.


    Diploma in printing technology

    10 Years experience in ART & Design


    My art works exhibite in chennai and bangalore gallaries

Award & Recognition

    Participation certificate in Mojarto ORA Competition