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As a child I wasn’t preoccupied with calling myself an artist . I explored it as a curious scientist painted in boldness of youth. Bold strokes on walls, paintings & drawings scattered around me. When I look back to those days, spent learning, practising & exploring; I realise the importance of intuition on the way. The most beautiful & privileged thing I feel being an artist is; it gives me immense freedom & liberty of expressing my thoughts & feelings through visuals and symbols. This boundless language gives us the opportunity to bend our minds in more abstractive way, hence helping us to communicate feelings that are often difficult to put in words. Being an artist requires generosity of spirit, the willingness to see, hear, and feel. Art is not an ornament. It’s a language. It can create a space to share and transcend boundaries. An artist uses the material language of the world as art evolves with society. To think like an artist, one should must remain true to his/her aesthetic & design style and should never leave the insightful rope of exploration. Being fully engaged in your work and pursuing a disciplined mind with a dash of passion & compassion are few key ingredients required in dedicating your life towards art. Practicing creativity can be an exhilarating risk.


    Im graduated from FDDI ( Footwear Designing & Development Institute ) did specialisation in Footwear Technology and merchandising .


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