About Artist

Krishna Mondal has a strong affection for art from his childhood. Eminent Artist Krishna Sutradhar was his first guru & Tanoy Choudhury his second guru in his life. The lesson that Krishna was learnt from them, have helped to build a strong foundation for his career as an artist. He has developed his own style of work through his devotion towards art. This is his debut work in which he has tried to bring out different shades of nature. The Originality of his work can be noticed in his use of various colours... 8250670179




    1. Annual Exhibition, P.C
    School of Art D/Dinajpur
    2015 & 2016
    2. Annual Exhibition, Barasat
    Academy of Culture- 2020 &
    3. Online Group Exhibition,
    Uttarbanga Charukola
    society- 2021
    4. Online Group Exhibition,
    Barasat Academy of
    Culture- 2021

Award & Recognition

    1. Best Water Colour Award in
    P.C School of Art - 2016
    2. Certificate of merit on International art competition (www. 2021