About Artist

Born in a hamlet near Velankanni on September 12, 1944, as the eldest of four children, Mary got her unusual name in memory of Saint John (also known as Don) Bosco, the Italian Roman Catholic priest, educator and writer of the 19th century. She has completed her graduation in Mathematics and Education and worked as a schoolteacher in the Tamil Nadu Government High Schools for nearly three decades and retired as a Headmistress in the year 2003. Nevertheless, John Bosco Mary groomed her natural inclination for arts at a very young age by drawing portraits of famous cinema stars, political leaders, and legends of the yesteryears in Tamil Nadu. She had used various types of shades using graphite pencils to draw these portraits in a regular white sheet of paper. After her retirement from government service in the year 2003, Mary started to paint pictures, natural sceneries, wild animals, birds, etc., using oil on canvas. Currently, she has a collection of more than 25 oil paintings and pencil drawings.


    John Bosco Mary completed her Bachelors in Mathematics (BSc) and Bachelors in Education (B.Ed) as well as holds Master of Arts (MA) in Tamil and Education (M.Ed).


    John Bosco Mary had exhibited her paintings in several art exhibitions in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Award & Recognition

    Recently an article about the artist "John Bosco Mary" entitled "Painting her passion" was published in the Hindu in both online (23rd of March, 2018) and printed versions (24th of March, 2018).