About Artist

Surrounded by nature elements since childhood, my brushes like to speak the same language as mine. My medium to do so is Water color - Jal , which almost reflects my persona...The Meaning of My name...I feel the art is in nature itself. Our creator is the best artist to throw uncountable magical moments each day at every corner of the world...Elements get change...But view is soothing,soul touching & relaxing. Of course, we have started to affect this negatively in the name of development. My little efforts to paint them,keep them alive ,a hope for our many more generations to pass on as heritage. Nothing is comparable to the warmth of Our Mother earth,Mother Nature. Colors, brush strokes, mountains,greens,water,sun,flowers,valleys & such ..Outcome is vibrant,surreal, lively, positive..a kind of they are talking to us silently...


    Bachelor of Engineering



Award & Recognition