About Artist

I am an contemporary Artist. A painting for an artist is a living soul, a story and emotion that cannot be measured. It really sounds so easy to write about yourself when asked for it, but believe me, it is not so easy when you start to do it, but at one point in our life we have to do it. Since born and brought-up in a family of hardworking farmer, with my family support and hard work spent my 07 years of life in Ajmer military school, Rajasthan, where I learnt and started doing Art (1992-2000), since then it is continued. I work with both medium (Oil & Acrylic), all artwork prepared by me is genuine and made by me on canvas.




    ITC welcome, Dwarka 2018
    Group exhibition in Jaipur, Jawahar kala Kendra, 2018

Award & Recognition