About Artist

I wish to introduce myself as Mrs Heena M. Haldankar. I am from Mumbai. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. I am an Engineer and I run my own institute in the name of "Heena Haldankar's Academy" at Vileparle (E), Mumbai. I am a proprietor of my institute as well the professor who teaches Mathematics to students of Engineering Degree and Diploma. It is this routine that I am following which has helped me to widen my thoughts and made me more confident, creative and imaginative. My passion lies in teaching and being creative in whatever I do. Being artistic all this while, I recognised the best stress buster for myself n that was to give my hobby a new start. I loved to paint and do crafty things. Regardless of what circumstances a person goes through, each one carries a potential and therefore, I decided to even start painting in acrylics on canvas and explore my creativity further. I am here to sell my paintings and to reach out people and showcase my creative art.


    Bachelors in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Business Management


Award & Recognition