About Artist

Enthusiast, Seeker, Learner and passionate about every aspect of life and journey. See every aspect of life as a painting and way to express it through colors. Make a living by being a media professional and pursuing my dream as an artist and to explore every realm of the world. --------- Residing in Mumbai, India - Been in media business for over 23 years and have been an important contributor towards the growth of the industry. Colours connect to my soul and its been my passion to play with them and give them forms. Delved into them and turned out a self-taught artist inspired deeply by nature be it landscapes, flora, fauna and of course mankind and his diversity. Intrigued by mysticism and mythology that is abundant in my country. Love to paint with acrylic medium on canvas and would love support from the world of beautiful and creative artists and medium to reach my art to maximum collectors and connoisseurs


    Bachelors of Arts



Award & Recognition

    Honored by Chinese Consul General for promotion of Arts and Culture between India and China by promoting the best of Chinese and Indian artist in one event
    Honored by FICCI Frames for initiating content market 2018