About Artist

My passion for art has been more than I have explored and in this process I have discovered myself more and more. Little did I know a nudge by my father years ago would shape my future portraying an essential part of my life. My initial career was marked by my fascination to capture the Indian rural women on my canvas. I transversed exploring oil, prints, acrylic and very recently watercolours and mixed media. The core theme of my present enticement is traditional worship practices and varied facets of Indian culture.


    1. Master in Fine Arts (Andhra University)
    2. Masters in Arts (English), (Osmania University)
    3. Bachelor in Fine Arts (Andhra University)
    4. Senior Diploma in Painting (8 Years from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata)
    5. Diploma in Decorative Arts & Crafts (Tagore School of Arts, Jamshedpur)


    • “7 Strokes” at Visakhapatnam : 10 Feb 2017 – 12 Feb 2017 and
    18 Feb 2017 – 20 Feb 2017
    • “Kala Niketan Art Display” at Jamshedpur : 2009

Award & Recognition

    Secured Third Prize in All India Women Artists' Art Exhibition 2017 held by Artscapes Chandigarh