About Artist

I grew up in a small village called Durlangala of District Gurdaspur in Punjab. Grew up in the midst of Basmati rice and sugarcane farms and very close to the river Beas, which flooded every year in the Monsoons. I am currently based in Darjeeling. Life has blessed me with a fair share of happiness and suffering, which is reflected in my paintings. Apart from being an artist, I am a trained physician and an entrepreneur. I live with my family and pets, and work from my studio which I fondly call the FLYING KANVAS and my home amidst the beautiful tea gardens of Darjeeling. I create original, unique, one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings. I do not create multiple copies of my paintings so there is only one of each kind in the entire world! ​Painting for me is a journey that takes me beyond the limits of words, beyond the boundaries of physical existence. I take a flight of freedom and redemption and invite you to join me. My paintings will invoke your imagination, bringing freshness and hope. You can relate to my paintings in your own way -- make them the highlight of your wall or an undemanding companion, a presence in your life that is always there to comfort you. Dream like a child and get lost in a painting, to find yourself afresh every day. Come, join me on this journey! Thank you for your support. Website: Instagram: Tumbler: Pinterest: Twitter: Facebook:


    Trained since childhood in various media of drawing, painting and sketching. However, have developed own style of expression via acrylic colors and don't follow any particular norm. Currently working on raising charity for mental health via art.

    Academic qualifications: MBBS (hons.), CareerStep USA QMTT (high hons.)


Award & Recognition

    Recognized locally and well respected as an artist of fine taste and talent.
    My paintings have been collected nationally and internationally and well-appreciated.