About Artist

Ayushi Jain is an Author, Artist and a software engineer. Apart from this she is a motivational speaker and talks about passion, love, friendship, career and many other incentive topics! Ayushi as an art lover, considers her religion to be ART. She has helped her mother to set up a company named as AMOUR ARTS which deals with hand- made, creative products.


    Bachelor of Engineering
    Diploma in Interior Designing


    National Exhibitions:
    1) EXUBERANCE - 2012
    2) Exuberance 2 - 2014
    3) Hues 2 - Mumbai
    4) Women’s day Exhibition 2014, Bhopal
    5) Bliss Art Gallery 2014 Pune
    6) Group exhibition Pune, in collaboration with Graffiti arts
    7) Ravindra Bhavan Bhopal

Award & Recognition

    Ayushi is debut Author of “Unofficially Yours”. She launched her Novel in Feb 2016 and is one of the best sellers of 2016.