About Artist

I must have created many paintings till now in my career. I love the process and the act of painting and always have. The act of painting allows me to focus on creative construction. All my life, the process has been growing, and it seems to coincide with my development as a person. It is another way to identify my vision and thoughts; it allows me to express myself.


    Perusing BFA from Bhopal.


    • Shimla: International “Paintimg” Exhibition cum Competition in shimla(H.P), 31 dec 2017
    • Swaraj Bhitika Bhopal: Organized by Spandan Art Society, 2 June 2018
    • Swaraj Bhitika Bhopal: Organized by Naemada Institute,
    • Swaraj Bhitika Bhopal: Organized by DivyaJeevan Society, 16, Nov. 2018
    • Jawahar Kalan Kendra, Jaipur: Theam “Mineature Paintings” Organized by Naemada
    Institute. 17 feb 2018

Award & Recognition

    1. Received, Gold Medal by Divyajeevan Health & Education Society.
    2. Received “First Canvas“ award from Kamli Art and Wale fare Society.
    3. Received “Best Artist Award“ from Astha Health and Wale fare Society.
    4. Received a trophy from 4th art explosion international art exhibition new delhi.