About Artist

Every picture tells a oil paintings style can be whimsical, mystical at times, realistic, spiritual or just be simply there. Being a continual daydreamer I am passionately attracted to nature, the notion of opposites–good, evil, dark and light, beautiful and serene and so on. There is always some sort of story (or hidden meaning) behind each painting in my mind. Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what the meaning of a piece is, but each painting is to speak for itself and have the viewer go away with his or her own thoughts about the piece. What the viewer thinks about my work is more important than the story I may give. Inspiration comes from nature, spirituality, calmness, poetry, and social issues.


    I graduated from The National Institute of Fashion Design (iNIFD) as an Interior Designer where I studied design as well as illustration. Working as an Interior designer during the day for many years, I now paint full time with some freelance illustration projects as well.


Award & Recognition

    Participated in the MissIndia artist online contest.
    1. Silver medal at Artreion online international contest 2018.
    2. Silver medal at Kala kumbh on-line Art contest 2019.
    3. Bronze medal at Rang sang online art competitions 2019.
    4. Top 10 highly appreciated artwork for Jagannath Online Art contest 2019.