About Artist

I just believe art is all about a pure soul poured on the canvas.. No matter what I paint at the end it should be just beautiful and bring happiness to the home where it goes. I just started thanking and praising 'him' for blessing me with the beauty I can create. Art is my way of worship and my connectivity with 'him.' I am an artist based in Jhansi (U.P.). I had pursued my career as a Geologist and have been preparing for UPSC. Simultaneously, I have been exhibiting my artworks. Various field works helped me in exploring various subjects and led to greater observations which I reflect in my artworks. My preferred medium is oil. I believe as an artist I should paint all kind of works and therefore, my works are combinations of all forms in art including realism, expressionism, semi realistic, abstract, contemporary, impressionism and decorative. Geology helped me to explore nature and even the society and made me realize how my art can contribute for the welfare of the society. And therefore, many a times I have been working for collecting funds through my art during natural calamities. And wish to do more for the society through my art..



Award & Recognition