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The Conviction Are artists different? No, just that every individual is a different kind of artist. The Palette My compositions are an earnest effort to bring forth a new perspective filled with imagination. We often forgo the simple pleasures while we seek something better in pursuit of surviving this life. My paintings are attempts to play with all that goes unnoticed and unsaid; to all that we wait for in a day and more over to all that the unknowable future holds. My works are a result of a search for newer and better perspectives and new horizons. I have a series of successful solo and group shows under my belt. My paintings are contemporary with a blend of acrylic and mixed mediums.


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    The Easel : Exhibitions
    Lions Club art exhibition - Mumbai 2009
    Impressions - Solo art exhibition - Mumbai, Feb 2010
    Instincts - Solo art exhibition - Mumbai, May 2010
    Art fest 2010 summer - Group show, Pune, June 2010
    A New Sun - Solo exhibition Svenska, Mumbai Feb 2012
    Black or white - Solo art exhibition Mumbai June 2012
    Letting go - Group exhibition, Raipur, October 2013
    Tilting Art Gallery - Group show, Pune September 2014
    Silent Echo - Solo art exhibition, Nehru Art Centre March 2016
    Silent Echo - Solo art exhibition, Art Craft Villa, Agra Jan 2016
    Realisation - Group art exhibition, India art gallery, Pune, June 2016
    Pride - Group art exhibition, Artmikado, Kolkata, July 2016

Award & Recognition

    The Hues
    ISB Hyderabad - Artist-in-residence program, August, 2009
    Featured on TV - NDTV Profit/Prime : Property it's hot

    The Canvas
    I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination imagination is more important than knowledge knowledge is limited imagination encircles the world
    ~Albert Einstein