About Artist

I look for the true approach and eventful completion of a journey of thoughts which transpires transfigures and represents. Transforming materials that will look modern and fresh a long time after they have been used to represent. The nature has given me an opportunity to experiment with aesthetic delight in presenting visually. Different temporal and spatial nuances, putting them together in a multi-layered, multidimensional and multi-colored mix of feelings, emotions, thoughts and messages, with unifying elements of designs narrate my concepts. The elements touched to define the thoughts and unexpected forms shapes and textures that trigger the senses into a pleasant transpiring visuals. What I try to make of my work is, the capture of mood that creates interesting outlook.


    B.F.A Painting. Goa College of Art.


    Personal achievements
    • 1990 – Brush Stroke `90 Group Exhibition of paintings and drawings.
    • 1993 – First Solo Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings at The Flying Dutchman Art Gallery, Goa
    • 2002 – “Celebration of Togetherness” Group Show at Galleria Lancer, Goa India.
    • 2003-04 - Exhibitions of Paintings at Chevrolet, Panjim, Goa India
    • 2010 - “Celebrations” Exhibition of painting and Installation at Kala Academy. Goa India

    • 1991– 4th Artist Camp and Exhibition, Mahashala Kala Sangam, Goa India.
    • 1997– 50 years of Art in Independent India organized by All India Fine Arts and rafts Society, New Delhi and Kala Academy Goa India.
    • 1998-99– 24th State Art Competition and Exhibition, Goa. India.
    • 2000-01– 26th State Art Competition and Exhibition, Goa. India.
    • 2002– Fontainhas Festival of Arts, Goa. India.
    • 2003– Exhibition Org. by All India Fine Arts and Crafts Society New Delhi and Kala Academy Goa. India.
    • 2004– Goan Artist Exhibition Org. by Kala Academy Goa in collaboration with Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy.
    • 2008—Monsoon Expression, Group exhibition, Org. by, Art and Culture Dept., Government of Goa India.
    • 2010 -- Expressions, Exhibition of Paintings. Osho Gallery Bombay.

Award & Recognition

    Recognised for charitable Auctions and works sold for a cause.