About Artist

Anand Swaroop Manchiraju Biography I was born in Eluru, AP, India. Since childhood, I used to observe my father Sri M.S. Murthy, while he was painting and when he finished his work, I used to clean his brushes. Often, I used same brushes to come up with my own art. I followed my passion for art and developed my unique style. In a career spanning more than 50 plus years as a professional artist and have done over 3000 artwork on various subject matter such as landscapes, portraits, still life, nudes, animals, travel, and botanicals, on different media such as oils on canvas, acrylic on canvas, water colors on paper, etc. I studied photography in the JNTU Government College of Fine Arts and Architecture, Hyderabad and furthering my education by taking Color Photo Technology at the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun. Upon graduation, I joined Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited, Rishikesh Uttaranchal, as Artist and Photographer. I have also been serving as the President of Andhra Academy of Arts, Vijayawada for three decades for the cause and propagation of art. Living close to Himalayan mountains I got inspired by the splendours of nature and Ganga river. As a result, nature is often the centerpiece of my work. My sense of the personal, cultural and world view can be seen in my painting on Indian Tribes and Tribal Dances, Gods such as Siva, Krishna, Ganesha, Buddha, Saints, etc. Using photography skills and my innate innovativeness, I have extensively experimented using photo chemicals on bromide and painting on used X-ray film after treating them. I am one of the very few in the world to do artwork in this medium. In recent past, I have travelled around the world visiting my children. Hence city abstracts have also become a recurrent theme. My work has been exhibited in many prestigious galleries in India. My first exhibition was in the Raj Bhawan, Hyderabad in the year 1968. Since then, I have exhibited my work at Jehangir Art Gallery (Mumbai), Nehru Centre (Mumbai), Bajaj Art Gallery (Mumbai), Lalit Kala Academy (New Delhi), India International Center (New Delhi), Triveni Art Gallery (New Delhi), Academy of Fine Art (Kolkatta), Lalit Kala Academy (Chennai), Muse Art gallery (Hyderabad), State Gallery of Fine Arts (Hyderabad). I have received several state and national level awards. These exhibitions received critical applause from the press & T.V media as well as enthusiastic response from the art lovers. My artwork is in private collections and galleries around the world. More recently, I have also participated and exhibited in several international juried exhibitions both online and offline such as Studio Montclair NJ; Fusion Art, Palm Springs, CA; Art impact International; Awesome Art Inc; Youth for Human Rights, Washington DC; Artivita Online Art; Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery; The Contemporary Art Gallery Online; Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmichael, CA ; Chico Art Center, Chico, CA, and many others. When I reflect upon my long association with art, I find that the creative process is just as intriguing and rewarding as the final outcome of my projects. This desire to create has always been strong even when others have tried to dissuade me. The internal push to create has given me an appreciation for the process of exploration, patience and the beauty of art. I believe this creative and explorative journey has become about freedom to create and the freedom to express myself.


    ⦁ Diploma in Photography Govt.College of Fine Arts & Arch. J.N.T.U Hyderabad
    ⦁ Certificate course in Color Photo Technology, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun


    International Juried Group Exhibitions
     Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ
     View Points 2020, (physical exhibition) – selected and exhibited
     Fusion Art - Online Art Exhibition, Palm Springs, CA
     2nd Annual Lines, Shapes & Objects - Best in Show award
     4th Annual Black & White Exhibition 2020 – selected and exhibited
     5th Annual Animal Kingdom Exhibition, 2020- selected and exhibited
     Still Life Art Exhibition - selected and exhibited
     City Scapes Art Exhibition - - selected and exhibited
     Skies Art Exhibition - selected and exhibited
     Figures and Faces Art Exhibition - selected and exhibited
     Art impact International
     Pandemic, The light therein, online exhibition – Best in the show award
     Awesome Art Prize
     Spring edition contest 2020 – Outstanding achievement award
     Youth for Human Rights, Washington DC
     National Human Rights Art Contest 2020 – selected and exhibited
     Artivita online art contest
     In the time of Coronovirus - selected and exhibited
     Spectrum art fair – runner up
     4th issue of World-Wide Art Magazine - Finalist
     Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
     Sun Rays – Special merit award
     10th Landscapes Art Exhibition – special recognition
     Created in Isolation Art Exhibition – special recognition
     2nd Primary Colors Art Exhibition – special recognition
     10th Animals Art Exhibition – special recognition
     10th Botanical Art Exhibition – special recognition
     10th Seascapes Art Exhibition – special recognition
     4th Patterns Art Exhibition – 6th place
     The Honorable prize awardee and online exhibition in competition “Awesome Art Prizes Spring
    Edition 2020”, -an independent online curatorial platform.
     The Contemporary Art Gallery Online
     All cityscape art competition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     All Landscape art competition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     All Botanicals art competition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     Sacramento Fine Arts Center, Carmichael, CA
     Abstract art online exhibition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     Animal house online exhibition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     Chico Art Center, Chico, CA
     Windows into the world online exhibition 2020 - selected and exhibited
     International Art Exhibition, Indian Artist Network, Jakarta, Singapore, Dubai – 2007
     Indian Biennially of Photography Exhibition, LKA New Delhi – 1993
     Got several state awards in painting and photography during 1961, 1965, 1969, 1976, 1981, 1982 &
     Awarded by Government of Andhra Pradesh in 1964, 1969 & 1976.
     Awesome Art Prizes catalogue (Online 2020)
     Artivita World-Wide Art Magazine (Online 2020)
     Artists Directory 1981 published by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi
     Asia’s Who’s Who of Men & Women of Achievement & Distinctio

Award & Recognition

    I Light Space and Time Online Art Gallery
    1 10th Nature Art Exhibition Decemebr 2020 Special Recognition Award Gold Fish 2 10th Seascape Art Exhibition June,2020 Special Recognition Award Seascape 3 10th Botanical Art Exhbition May,2020 Special Recognition Award Valley of Flowers 4 10th Anniversart Art Exhibition July-Oct 2020 Special Recognition Award Drip Painting -2 5 10th Aniimals Art Exhbition August,2020 Special Recognition Award Majestic Couple 6 2nd Primary colors Art Exhbition July,2020 Special Recognition Award Red Rose 7 Created in Isolation Art Exhibition Summer 2020 Special Recognition Award Mountian Moods 8 10th Nature Art Exhibition December,2020 Special Merit Tiger 9 4th Patterns Art Exhibition September,2020 Special Meirt Sun Rays
    10 4th Patterns Art Exhibition September,2020 6th Place – Photography & Digital Curve-1 11 11th “CityScapes” Art Exhibition February,2021 Special Recognition Category Excellence in Art II Gallery Ring Online Art Gallery
    12 Flower Still Life Exhibition January,2021 Juror's Choice Red Rose 13 Colurful December,2020 Honouable Mention Moon and the Bird III Art Show International
    14 Annual Art Competition 2020 Finalist Award Landscape 15 Annual Art Competition 2021 Honurable Mention Awards Flower 16 Annual Art Competition 2021 Finalist Award Open 17 Annual Art Competition 2021 Finalist Award Abstract 18 Annual Art Competition 2021 Finalist Award Animal IV Arta vita Online art Gallery
    19 The 40th Artvaita online Art context Decemebr 2020 Runner Up Certificate
    20 The 39th Artvaita online Art context July,2020 Runner Up Certificate
    V ART
    21 Awesome Art Prize Spring Edition Contest Spring 2020 Outstanding Achivement VI Art Impact International
    22 Internation Art Exhibtion -Pandemic Septemebr 2020 Homourable Mnetion Award
    The Light there in
    VII Fusion Art
    23 2nd Lines, Shapes & Objects Art Exhibition Best in Show - Photography & Digital Cubisim-1