About Artist

“Nature is not what you see, but what you don’t see”- believing this, I’d like to begin by saying that Painting is my passion and I love to practice it because it brings peace to the mind and body. When it comes to playing with colors, I like to explore different shades and styles but most of I fell black color is very expressive so I associate with it especially in charcoal and acrylic medium. My paintings are the impressions of my mind. I always try to capture the relationship between nature and the human mind through my abstract forms and other paintings.


    Diploma in Commercial Art


    - Group show with Art Nirvana at Art Gate & Coomarswami Art Gallery
    - Group show with Geeta Das at 7 days Art Gallery
    - Group & Solo with RKN IADC - Open Art Gallery

Award & Recognition

    - A Grade at Intermediate level
    - Various Awards at school & intercollege level
    - Worked with BalBharati as Illustration Artists for school books.
    - Group shows with Art Nirvana