About Artist

I am a Self Thaught Artist. My preffered medium is Acrylics on Canvas. I did not attend any fancy art school. I used to believe lack of my an art degree was something to apologize for, that was somehow less legimate than the art of someone who has spent 3 years in earning MFA. But then I realized i have been studying art for over 20 years my education happens everyday. I spend my evenings painting after putting a full days work as marketing profrssional. I dont set out to produce art on one particular subject. None of my work was intentional it all developed and evolved over time. I just rest my eyes over blank canvas untill it responds. Its always thrilling to experience the moment the paitings takes the life of its own. One instant there is amalgmation of coloured shapes on canvas surface and boom with addition of single stroke it is transfomed into a life like entity. I hope you will enjoy my artwork as much as i have enjoyed creating it.


    B Tech - Mechanical Engineering.



Award & Recognition