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I am proud to be born in India. It is a country endowed with natural beauty and rich heritage. I have great respect for the mighty Himalayas and the river Ganges. For me, the Himalayas are the symbol of strength and the Ganges is the flow of energy. I have traveled the Himalayan region, from Jammu and Kashmir to Sikkim, and followed the Ganges from Gangotri to Kolkata. All this has brought me close to the nature and has inspired me to paint landscapes. It is a divine experience to have a feeling of being a part of nature. I wish to share my experience with others through paintings, a medium of expression of my liking. I am also impressed by the people living there in close association with nature. Their energy level infuses me to work hard. My visits to ancient Hindu temples in Himalayan region, on the bank of the river Ganges at Varanasi and in Southern Peninsula cast a hypnotic spell on me. The devotion and dedication with which the sculptures of Indian Gods and Goddesses were made is incomparable. The contribution of these artists to the heritage of my country is the next thing I wish to share. I am a self taught artist who has learnt through experimentation, experience and guidance by way of appreciation and criticism by people surrounding me. I have learnt by following the works of old masters and contemporary artist. Attending art appreciation course at the National Gallery of modern Art Delhi further broadened my vision and I learnt to view work by other artist and my own work with a more matured perspective. My solo exhibition at Lalit Kala Academy gave me a chance to interact with contemporary artists and art critics and further contributed to my progress in the field of art. I have continuously using water colors on paper and oil on canvas since 1975. Due to my familial responsibilities, I had to stop painting in 1995. After a gap of 17 years, I picked up the brush again in 2012. For me, the subject, technique, material and involvement, all are important. My style of painting is a combination of realism and expressionism. I try to paint with integrity, following time tested rules of composition and methodology. With the passage of time, I feel more confident and mature, and more open to change.


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    Solo, Lalit Kala Academy, 1998

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