About Artist

Born in Pune and yet lived most of my life in Bombay. Hadn't picked up a pen to draw until I ended up at St. Xavier's in 2016. Living in a lively apartment with a friend watching over the Skyline. Thus started my visual journey. The Painter's eye is his best gift often seeing reality as it is. When I returned back to Pune this time to reunite with the family. My newfound interest in Drawing late at night to take the edge off turned into a daily routine. As years passed I joined Bhaskar Mandolu Art Gallery to perfect the skill of imperfect painting. To date, I work here with like-minded artists. Innovating and creating new and original works.



    Bhaskar Mandolu Art Gallery


    Pune Art Festival 2019.

    Art works displayed at Bhaskar Mandolu Art Gallery 2021.

Award & Recognition

    Participated in Pune Art Fest '19
    Participated in BAS '21
    Participated in Camlin Art Contest '21