xyj and flowers , 15 x 22 inch, marina solntseva,15x22inch,thick paper,abstract paintings,mixed media,paper,GAL02695939869

Xyj And Flowers

by Artist Marina Solntseva

$ 2,822

  14.5x21.65 In
  Thick Paper
  7 days applicable from delivery date.
  Museum Quality - 100% Handpainted


This work gives the reference to the traditional Russian floral pattern and represents penis as an enjoyable object. The golden line symbolizes the golden ratio (although it is not) and gives the reference that penis is a measurable and harmonically created object (although it is not). This art object is being manifesto against the objectivation of human body parts and also the manifesto of beauty. For me it is also a reminder that “xyj” is not an aggressive tool, but a concept that moves societal transformation forward through love. Through this art object my inner shame disappears.
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